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Meet Katie, bad ass personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur, healthy foodie, yogi, runner and blogger behind She Rocks Fitness. We love Katie’s down to earth, unpretentious, zero b.s. approach to living a healthy life. She grew up as an athlete and realized that the cubicle life just wasn’t for her. After living on both coasts, she now resides in Houston, Texas where she trains clients, and blogs professionally at She Rocks Fitness.

She Rocks Fitness

This April, Katie will be sharing some of her best tips about running and training for a half marathon (of which, she’s run many!). Whether you’re new to running or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll learn how to maximize your time and effort on your training runs. But before she does, we wanted you to get to know her a little better.

Meet Katie

What does a typical day look like?

This is what a typical Monday looks like for me…Wake up at 5:30 AM…coffee + take the dog out + quick computer work; 6:30 AM first private client; 7:40 AM second private client; 9:00 AM client at the club; my workout and more computer work;12:00 PM teach class at the club; home…walk the dog + computer work; 4:30 PM boot camp at a corporation; 6:30 PM home…cook dinner…finish up some work…unwind…bed at 9:00 PM read and try to relax…SLEEP!

(We got tired just reading that!)

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird…I typically wake up at 5:45 AM these days and I am in bed reading at 9:30 PM. I try to stay up later on the weekends, so I will take a power nap during the day…Gosh I sound old!

What’s your favorite way to drink your coffee?

I am simple and just love Dunkin Donuts drip coffee with skim milk. If I am feeling fancy, I will treat myself to a delicious latte.

What 3 foods could you not live without?

Nut Butter…really good crispy bread…does wine count? It’s all about balance!

What food would we never find in your fridge or pantry?


What’s the best part of being your own boss?

Being able to manage my own schedule. I love being able to come home in between clients to make my own lunch and take a mental break to walk my dog Lucy.


What are some of the challenges of working in the fitness industry?

For me the biggest challenge is the pressure to look your best and always be ON…Since I am the face of my brand, I want to stay fit, be chipper, look energized for my clients and for the brand, but keeping up that appearance and attitude is exhausting and sometimes I fail. When this happens, I take a break, cry it out, go out with friends, and just remove myself for a bit. I have to remember to not let the photos or posts influence me, but to focus on ME and how I feel inside and out. This has taken time and something I still work on, because I am human and learning and growing still, even at the young fabulous age of 36…HA!

How do you find balance with a busy active lifestyle?

I make the time…It is honestly hard to find balance sometimes as an entrepreneur, because I feel that I am always working 24/7. Thankfully I love what I do, and working on building my brand is enjoyable to me! I do make time on the weekends to relax, disconnect, enjoy good food, wine, and socialize. Yes I am still working on doing this more, because life is too short and I need to enjoy it more often. So let us say that this is still kind of a work in progress…

How do you stay motivated?

I have been an athlete most of my life and being motivated is something that comes naturally to me. I love being active, competitive, and sweating on a daily basis, because it makes me feel so good inside and out. I look forward to my workouts, because I thrive for that.

What’s your ultimate pump up jam?

Currently I love running to this song:

Do you have any personal mantras?

“Strong Is Beautiful”

(*emoji preach hands*)

New sneakers or new yoga pants?

Yoga pants…Since I wear them on a daily basis, I like a lot of variety.

What advice would you give someone looking to get started with running?

Do your research and take the time to find the proper running shoes, gear, and running program that works best for you and your schedule. Your body will be a lot happier if you are comfortable and in the right gear. It may cost a little bit more, but is definitely worth the investment. Once you have gotten that taken care of, just go for it. Start out slow and see how you feel. Remember to listen to your body, but also be willing to push yourself and step outside your comfort zone. It is amazing what the body is capable of.

Do you have a favorite race you’ve ever run?

St. Jude Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon in Nashville…It was a monsoon the entire 13.1 miles, but the course was great, the crowds were so supportive, and someone recognized me from my blog and shouted “you’re She Rocks Fitness”…that was a pretty special moment. Plus, celebrating in Nashville after the race was really fun!


If you were a beverage what 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

A little salty…A little sweet…but definitely refreshing!

(We’re intrigued!)

What bad fitness advice do you wish would go away?

I am going to change this question to: “What drives you nuts about the fitness industry?” I have a few things that really irritate me…Personal trainers who give bad nutritional advice when they are not licensed to give out that advice; Personal Trainers who text while working with a client; the selling of products to clients that are loaded with tons of CRAP to help achieve quick results…stop eating crap and eat REAL food; the whole “fitspo” quotes and images…thin, six packs, sweaty, perfect bodies that are constantly bombarding our feeds. It is hard to not be influenced by these photos and it is definitely sending out the wrong message as to what is HEALTHY!

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