Bai Bottles in a V formation

Bai® now comes in 100% recycled plastic bottles.*

There’s a lot to love about our water beverages, inside and out.

With our eyes set to a more sustainable future, we’ve taken steps to ensure all our Bai® bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. * So you could say we’ve made repurposing one of our purposes.

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*Excludes cap and label

Our Bai® bottle is made from

100% recycled plastic*
  • Electrolyte icon

    Uses 79% less
    energy** than making
    new plastic bottles.

  • 200 MM

    Eliminates the need
    to create 200 million
    new plastic bottles
    every year.

  • Waves icon

    Demand for recycled
    plastic helps keep
    plastic out of oceans,
    rivers, and landfills.

*Excludes cap and label
**Association of Plastic Recyclers, White Paper, May 2020

Follow these simple
steps so our recycled
plastic bottles can find
new life.

  • Icon Man with Bottle

    1. Completely empty bottle.

  • Icon Bottle Cap

    2. Replace cap.

  • Icon Recycle

    3. Place in recycling bin.

  • Icon Recycling Label

    4. Look for How2Recycle® labels on other products, and spread the sustainable word.