Bai gave water way more wonder.
Bai®. It’s WonderWater®.

Each of our drinks is infused with antioxidants. You’ll also find electrolytes, and every exotic flavor is sweetened with Stevia. And we’ve added zinc—which in combination with Vitamin C (or Vitamin E in coconut varieties)—helps support a healthy immune system.

Plus, our bottles are now made of 100% recycled plastic, which you can learn more about here.

Even More Wow

  • New Great Taste Icon

    New great taste

  • Electrolytes Icon


  • Zinc Icon

    Zinc (in combination with Vitamin C—or Vitamin E in coconut varieties—helps support a healthy immune system)

  • Recycle Logo

    Bottle Made from 100% Recycled Plastic (excluding cap and label)

What’s still inside?

  • Antioxidants Icon


  • No Artificial Sweeteners Icon

    No Artificial Sweeteners

  • 1 Gram of Sugar Icon

    1g of Sugar

  • 10 Calories Icon

    10 Calories

  • Vitamin C or E Icon

    Vitamin C or Vitamin E
    (depending on variety)

  • Caffeine amount Icon

    45/55 mg of Caffeine
    (depending on bottle size)

  • Stevia Icon


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