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Afternoon Refresh and Recharge

Refresh and Recharge Your Work Station with Bai

We’ve all been hit by that mid-day hump. But we’ve put together some tasty tips and tricks for getting through that slump and taking on the rest of the day after you’ve been reenergized.


Say Bai to That Tired Feeling

Our antioxidant infusions come with a pinch of natural caffeine that will give you the right amount of energy to get out of any mid-day dilemma. With just 10-calories and 1g of sugar, you’ll be carried through the whole day without the risk of crashing.


Walk it Out

Most of us spend the whole day behind a desk. It’s not only a drag, but it can come with some serious health risks. Breaking up your afternoon with an afternoon walking break can increase your heart and lung health along with improving your balance. Not only is walking great for your health, it’s great for your mind. When you take a break from work and get the blood flowing for a few minutes you will come back feeling refreshed with a clear mind and new focus.


Treat yo self

You’ve known this since kindergarten, but the best time of day is still snack time, especially when that three o’clock slump settles in. Treat yourself to a few healthy bites in order to boost your energy back up. Check out 5 easy and healthy recipes here.


Add Some Volume

Music makes everything better, especially your mood, it’s like magic. Fight off that tired feeling by tossing on a powerful playlist and giving yourself the energy to make it through the rest of the day.


Style Your Space

Sometimes just enjoying the beauty of a space can bring a boost to your day. Bring your unique aesthetic to your space and transform your desk into your own personal paradise. Adding a potted plant to your space is a great way to start!