St. Patrick’s Day Jello Shots

So, we have to admit none of our flavors are technically Irish themed. But that doesn’t stop this recipe from being the perfect way to celebrate on March 17. Just think of these shots as miniature pots of jello gold. Ingredients: 2 bottles of Bai Andes Coconut Lime 2 cups of Light rum 6 packets of Gelatin (each packet .25oz) Mint leaves Directions: 1. Bring one bottle of Andes Coconut… Read More

Mardi Gras Hurricane

With this twist on a classic Hurricane, you can get into the Mardi Gras spirit even if you’re nowhere near Bourbon Street. So be sure to blend up this beauté on Fat Tuesday, or any other day of the week for that matter. Ingredients: 6oz. Bai São Paulo Strawberry Lemonade 2oz. White rum 2oz. Dark rum 1oz. Lime juice 3 Strawberries 1/2oz. Grenadine 2-1/2 cups Ice Garnishes: Lemon wedge Strawberries… Read More

Spring Break Cocktails

They say variety is the spice of life. That’s why we’re spicing up Spring Break with the amazing flavors in our Rainforest Variety Pack. These four low-calorie cocktails are perfect for getting the party started in whatever paradise you find yourself in.     Blue Hawaiian If you’re planning to wake up in paradise for Spring Break we can’t think of a better way to start the day than with… Read More

Big Game DIY Party

Honestly, the sporting events we’re most interested in are the ones filled with snacks. That’s why we created the perfect scene for Big Game snacks that you can binge in-between commercial breaks. Check out our cocktail and appetizer recipes, along with DIY ideas to get ready for Game Day!   Rye Iced Tea Cocktail  You know what they say about winning football games. Clear eyes, full heart, and lots of booze. Maybe they just… Read More

Clementine Cranberry Sangria

Looking for a cocktail that’s cozier than a pair of fuzzy socks? Introducing our newest creation, the Clementine Cranberry Sangria. Mix up this picture-perfect pitcher of winter warming fruit flavor, featuring Bai Costa Rica Clementine, which has only 5 calories, 1 gram of sugar and no artificial sweeteners. INGREDIENTS: 1 bottle Bai Costa Rica Clementine  2 bottles White wine  1 cup Elderflower liqueur  ¾ cup Cranberries  Slices of citrus (we used clementine’s and… Read More

Galentine’s Day Brunch

Grab your gals because we’ve got the recipes to make this a Galentines Day to remember…or not, depending on how big your pitcher of pomegranate cocktails turns out to be.   Pomegranate Punch They say that Cupid carries a bow and arrow, but we wish he’d mix it up and start flying around with a pitcher of these pomegranate cocktails. INGREDIENTS: 2 bottles Bai Ipanema Pomegranate 2 cups Vodka 2 cups… Read More

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Whether you and your sweetheart are stepping out for a night on the town, or settling down for some cozy time at home, these recipes are sure to bring the romance.   Pomegranate Cocktail   There may be no such thing as a love potion, but one sip of this pomegranate perfection will have you smitten. INGREDIENTS:  3 oz Bai Ipanema Pomegranate 3 oz Vodka 2 oz Ginger Beer Ice Sprig of Rosemary Pomegranate… Read More

4 Simple & Tasty Smoothie Recipes

This year, step up your smoothie game with these delicious recipes that are sure to make your blender blush. Just follow your taste buds, and these simple instructions, for healthylicious meals you can make in a matter of minutes.   Pomegranate Berry Smoothie It’s time to taste what happens when you pack your smoothie with the power of pomegranate and a whole host of other healthy ingredients that lead to… Read More

Peach Chia Pudding Parfait

Powerful protein meals should taste like a treat. Preach. Or should we say peach? That’s why we went and packed this peachy goodness full of protein and chia seeds with this easy to make parfait recipe. INGREDIENTS: ¾ cup of Bai Panama Peach ¼ cup Chia seeds Yogurt Frozen or fresh peaches DIRECTIONS: In a jar, mix chia seeds and Panama Peach together and store in the fridge overnight, or… Read More

PB&J Smoothie

We love combining great taste and good for you ingredients, but sometimes we just can’t stop bringing things together. That’s why we crossed everyone’s favorite after school sandwich with a smoothie so you can stir up this healthy hybrid. But seriously, this isn’t a joke. We went ahead and made a PB&J smoothie that’s healthy, and delicious. INGREDIENTS: ½ cup Bai Brasilia Blueberry 1 cup Frozen mixed berries ½ cup… Read More

Keto Coconut Pancakes

Pancakes are always the perfectly warm start to any winter morning, but now you can get your flapjacks with coconut and without a side of guilt. See how you can keep keto and still enjoy these delicious disks of happiness. INGREDIENTS: 3 tbsp. Bai Molokai Coconut 1/3 cup Coconut flour 1/3 cup Heavy cream 4 oz. Cream cheese (room temp.) 4 Eggs 1 tsp. Baking powder 1 tsp. Vanilla DIRECTIONS:… Read More

Bubbly New Year’s Eve Party

If you’re hosting a party this New Year’s Eve get ready to send off 2018 in sparkling style. These four classy carbonated cocktails are sure to impress your guests with every sip.   Blood Orange Holiday Zest With a zesty twist of blood orange flavor this bubbly cocktail is the perfect pour for heading boldly into the new year.  Ingredients: Bai Bubbles Jamaica Blood Orange Vodka Rosemary Ice Lime Directions:… Read More

Fall Festivities

Let the Fall festivities begin by creating these craft autumn cocktails that you and your guests will love. From a smoky mango cocktail that you can enjoy by the fire, to a bubbly punch for your Friendsgiving gathering, we have you covered for every Fall scenario.   Black Cherry Bourbon Fizz Pop a can of Bubbles and create this dreamy Black Cherry Bourbon Fizz. Great for a spooky Halloween Party… Read More

Post Feast Detox Elixir

Nothing fixes that post feast feeling like this detox in a cup. Hit your body’s reset button with this warm mix featuring 5-calorie Bai Ipanema Pomegranate, which is sure to be the cure to any big meal. Ingredients: 1 cup warm Bai Ipanema Pomegranate 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tbsp Lemon juice 1 tbsp Honey 1 Cinnamon stick Dash of Cayenne Directions: 1. Combine Bai Ipanema Pomegranate, apple cider… Read More

Ugly Sweater Party

‘Tis the season to host classy parties in ugly sweaters! Bring a little beauty to your ugly sweater party this year with these well dressed and delicious recipes.   Seasonal Mix Margarita This seasonal margarita with bold flavors is sure to put the jingle in your bells. Ingredients: Bai Ipanema Pomegranate Bubbles Jamaica Blood Orange 2oz Tequila 1/2 Blood Orange Pomegranate Seeds Pink Salt Ice Directions: Cut two wedges from… Read More

Health Boosting Immunitea

We can’t say that sipping on this tea will turn you into a super hero, but this healthylicious mix of ginger and lemon is perfect for giving your body’s immune system a natural boost.   Ginger Lemon Ice Cubes Recipe: Makes 1 tray, 12 cubes Ingredients: 4 inches of fresh ginger, grated Juice of two lemons Antioxidant Water Directions: 1. Combine grated ginger and lemon juice. 2. Divide evenly amongst… Read More

On-The-Go Workout Guide

You need hydration that works as hard as you do, so that’s why we created Antioxidant Water. This premium water is infused with antioxidants, pH balanced and has added electrolytes. Go ahead and put your hydration to the test with this quick workout that can be done anywhere, any time. Equipment needed: Yoga mat Miniband (medium to heavy resistance)   Arms Run through these quick lifts so that you can stay… Read More

Seasonal Mix Margarita

There’s never a wrong month to reach for a margarita. Especially one that has just 5 calories. That’s why we crafted this elegant cocktail that has the perfect tequila taste for any season. Ingredients: Bai Ipanema Pomegranate Bubbles Jamaica Blood Orange 2oz Tequila 1/2 Blood Orange Pomegranate Seeds Pink Salt Ice Directions: Cut two wedges from the blood orange and use one to wet the rim of the glass. Reserve… Read More