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Wake up with a Bai

It’s time to start making the most of your mornings. Don’t just start the day, mount a magical unicorn into the greatest mornings of all time. We have a few tips and tricks to take your wake up from woeful to wonderful.


Put On A Playlist

Beginning your morning with the right track can put your whole day on the right track. Studies have shown that music can boost your mood, improve blood flow, and even lower your levels of stress-related hormones.


Begin with a Bai

With the ideal combination of great taste and good-for-you ingredients, sipping a morning Bai will help bring balance with a boost of caffeine to your whole day.

  • Costa Rica Clementine: That classic morning glass of OJ is fine, but can it transport you and your toast to a tropical paradise while you watch a glorious sunrise? We didn’t think so.
  • Narino Peach Tea: It’s hard to wake up feeling peachy. That’s why we put a little peach pep in our step with the help of tasty tea.
  • Molokai Coconut: Just a few sips of this coconut flavor and you’ll feel like you’re being gently rocked awake in a hammock hanging between two palm trees.
  • Sao Paulo Strawberry Lemonade: The perfect blend of sweet and tart, this bold sip of lemonade injects some summer sunshine straight into your morning.


Feel Flexible

Whether you’re starting the day with yoga and mindful meditation or getting energized with exercise, a morning stretch will have you moving through your day with ease. Try this simple yoga flow here.


Plan It Out

Throughout the day we make millions of choices, and when we attack the day without a plan, we end up spending extra energy on small details sapping the strength we need to make the big choices. Take ten minutes every morning and create a plan to make the most of your day.


Get Your Morning Noms

Turns out that eating breakfast can affect your energy levels for the rest of the day. To give yourself a boost that won’t burn you out, your breakfast should include protein like eggs or nut, whole grains, and fruits or vegetables.




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