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Health Boosting Immunitea

We can’t say that sipping on this tea will turn you into a super hero, but this healthylicious mix of ginger and lemon is perfect for giving your body’s immune system a natural boost.


Ginger Lemon Ice Cubes Recipe:
Makes 1 tray, 12 cubes

4 inches of fresh ginger, grated
Juice of two lemons
Antioxidant Water

1. Combine grated ginger and lemon juice.
2. Divide evenly amongst ice cube tray
3. Fill with water


Immunitea Recipe:

1 bottle Bai Socorro Sweet Tea
2 ginger lemon ice cubes
1/8 teaspoon turmeric

1. Combine ginger lemon ice cubes, turmeric and Bai Socorro Sweet Tea in a glass.
2. Stir gently.
3. Garnish with thyme.

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