Last-Minute Costume Ideas


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With Halloween just around the corner you may be in a panic about what to wear. The stores have started converting to Christmas décor (what?!) and costumes have become super expensive. All you have is some make-up and those thrift-store clothes you bought on a whim. What is there to do?

Decades: Making a Comeback

With the vintage look becoming a trend, you might have some items in your wardrobe that would be perfect for a decade flashback. Pull out your fav flower-print dress for a chic 70’s vibe. Add some pops of neon color and dance back in time to the 80’s. This is an easy last minute look for whichever decade may be hiding in your closet. If you can’t find the perfect look in your closet, then try visiting your local thrift shop. There are tons of vintage looks that tend to be cheaper than at costume shops.


Characters & Animals

Decade stylin’ not your thing? Try a simpler look by emulating one of your favorite TV or movie characters. For example, grab a box of eggos and a pink dress to be like Eleven from Stranger Things. More of an animal person? Use your liquid eyeliner to draw on your best animal face. To add some extra drama to your look, create your own tutu and animal ears.


Pull Out the Black

Time to go back into your goth phase. Grab all the black outfits you can and mix and match to find the perfect look. Black is a good starter for dozens of costumes. Want to be a witch? Add a black hat. Want to be a vampire? Put some fake blood dripping from your lips. Whether you decide to be a gothic Lolita doll or a character from American Horror Story: Coven, black is your best friend. All black garb also leaves room to go crazy with your make-up. Which, let’s be honest, is the best part about Halloween. Check out these Pinterest ideas for some inspiration.


Keep it Simple with a Mask

If make-up isn’t your thing, then a mask is a fun and easy way to turn your everyday look into a Halloween costume. Go to a Halloween store to find an amazing selection of masks to go with any outfit or create your own. Either way, a mask is a great way to have a quick, low-maintenance look without breaking the bank.