Investor Spotlight: Tony Chiurco

| Behind the Scenes

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Anthony Chiurco is a man of many hats: Distinguished neurosurgeon. Championship sailor. Decorated rower. Well-reviewed author. Exhibited artist. Bai enthusiast.

Tony was one of Bai’s earliest investors and remains one of our most passionate fans. He’s so passionate, in fact, that he literally wears Bai on his sleeve — as you can see from this photo of Tony with his championship trophy from the New York Yacht Club’s 160th Annual Regatta in June (he captained American Eagle to first place in the 12-metre class).

Following his victory, we sat down with Tony to ask him 5 (naturally!) questions …


How did you first discover Bai5?

I first sampled it in Pizza Star in Princeton, and it immediately solved my dilemma of deciding between diet sodas or water when I went into a restaurant for lunch. This was the answer — five calories, great taste, no artificial sweeteners.


Why did you decide to get involved as an investor?

As a physician, I knew that the antioxidants in Bai would be popular with people who are seeking healthy options, so I invested with both fists! I’ve often said that if Bai failed, I would have to hire professional pallbearers and mourners for my funeral because I’ve gotten all of my friends to invest. Fortunately, it’s all been positive so far!

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What is the connection between Bai and your sailing exploits?

We call ourselves the Bai Racing Team, and the whole crew drinks it to stay hydrated and energized during the heat of a race. We had coolers full of Bai not only during the New York Yacht Club Regatta in June, but also during the recent Leukemia Cup Regatta and the Edgartown 12-Metre Regatta last August, at which we also took first place. And we’ll definitely be taking it on board for the 12-Metre World Championship in Barcelona in July — Bai’s not on sale in Spain yet, so I’ll have to fill up my suitcase!


What is the crew’s champion flavor?

Tanzania Lemonade Tea is the most popular flavor on board.


You’re a proud Philadelphia native. If you could name a Bai flavor after the City of Brotherly Love, what would it be?

I loved iced coffee, so I would combine that flavor with an homage to my old neighborhood: South Philly Joe!


Tony recently published his memoir, “Up from South Philly,” to rave reviews. “Both a celebration and a cautionary tale from a contemporary healer,” the book describes his rise from a tough upbringing into a life of medicine, and includes his views on many contemporary subjects. Read more about “Up from South Philly” on