5 NYC Foodie Instagram Accounts You Have to Follow

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NYC Food Instagram
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Let’s face it, we all secretly want to become Instagram famous. And hey, who could blame us? Who doesn’t love artfully capturing their beautiful smoothie they slaved over (or paid way too much for) or carefully laying out their clothes for a quick #OOTD (outfit of the day) post?

We’re visual creatures, which is why Instagram is such a simple pleasure. Looking at friend’s pictures and sassy captions is a simple way to keep in touch without the drama and complexity of other forms of communication. At Bai, we’re no exception (this is the part where we shamelessly plug our Instagram) we love the ‘gram and love finding new friends and fans using #Bai #DrinkBai & #Bailievers.

We owe so much of our growth, culture and success to the incredible city of New York. Whether you’re a local, a newbie or just a visitor it’s not difficult to find incredible food, in fact it’s difficult to stay away from incredible food.

So today we decided to talk about the combination of 3 of our loves Instagram+NYC+Food. We love getting inspired and finding new places to eat from these accounts. This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, so share your favorites in the comments!


This account is a curated collection of the hashtag #newforkcity, which collects delicious eats around NYC

NYC Food Instagram


She’s eating her way through the city and we’re loving watching.

Food Instagram NYC


We’re addicted to this caffeine addict’s incredibly mouth-watering eats.

NYC Food Instagram


These 4 foodie roomies share their collective meals, aka 4x the awesome.



Instagram for the Edible Brooklyn Magazine, this account beautifully captures local food.

Food Instagram


Follow along with the foodie fun using these popular hashtags: #nyceats, #nycfoodie, #nycfat, #eeeeeats, #eatingnyc, #newforkcity


Who are you favorite Instagram Accounts to follow (foodie or otherwise)?