Five Reasons to Go Gluten Free

| Health

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Looking for a few good reasons to go gluten free? Great! Presenting five reasons to kick-off summer on a gluten free diet:

Summer Skin: Going gluten free has been known to clear up skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne – ideal if you’re planning to go summer bare.

Cheer Up: Alleviating symptoms of depression is easier when your system isn’t “gummy” with gluten. Prepare for a sunnier outlook if you kick the gluten habit!

Allergy All-call: Did you know gluten is one of the Top Eight culprits behind a whole list of allergies? Now you do!

Craving Combat: Gluten breaks down into sugar which then triggers cravings for more sugar. Remove gluten to break the vicious craving cycle.

Bloat Patrol: Gluten, in the form of breads for example, is as mushy in your mouth as it becomes in your digestive tract. It can slow digestion…and add temporary puffiness to your waistline!

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