Custom Guitars Going Once, Going Twice…

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Our team at Bai created the Guitar Project to help people unearth their authentic selves through music and art. Last year, we commissioned five up-and-coming visual artists to design custom Taylor Guitars, which GRAMMY award winner Zac Brown then played throughout his Jekyll+Hyde stadium tour. To close the project, we’ve partnered with eBay for Charity to auction off these limited edition pieces, with 100% of proceeds benefitting Camp Southern Ground. We’re proud to help give children of all abilities the opportunity to learn life skills and teamwork in a positive, healthy environment. We’ve heard rumors there will also be s’mores! The auction runs from February 1-11th, 2016 so get your bidding fingers ready. 

The guitars are beautiful, we know. And the artists that made them are just as authentic. Here they are, in corresponding order to the photo above.  Be sure to watch their videos to learn more about what inspires them. 

• Casey Ryder — Ryder is a native Southern Californian based in LA, with deep roots in surf, skate and art culture. He’s an accomplished fine artist and designer, and has served for several years as a Creative Director for Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One, where his cutting-edge work for brands like Nike, Obey Clothing, Coca Cola, and Toyota have earned him a reputation for one of the most innovative young designers in the industry. Casey’s custom guitar made its debut live at the legendary Hollywood Bowl in October 2015.


• Christina Angelina — Born and raised in Venice, California, and influenced by the uninhibited creative expression of her unique hometown, Angelina is a portrait artist. She focuses on female subjects rendered with incredible detail, using aerosol spray paint as her primary medium. She is a prominent force in the current “muralism” renaissance sweeping urban centers around the world, completing 54 large-scale murals internationally in 2014 alone, making her one of the most active and accomplished artists in her field.


• Seth Chwast  — As an “outsider” artist, Chwast’s aesthetic spans a number of different mediums and styles including Primitive Art, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and pop art. He was diagnosed with autism at 22 months old, and at 18, a vocational evaluation recommended a career of “dry mopping.” But at age 20, he took his first art class and at age 23, he was on “The Today Show” as a featured artist. Seth’s first international exhibition was at the Madejski Gallery in Galapagos, followed by openings at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, the Museum of Modern Art in Kiev and the United Nations. In the US, he has exhibited at the Butler Institute of American Art and the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota. With the endless support of his mother, Debra, Seth’s life and artwork are a testament to the power of encouragement and unflinching support. 


• DEFER  —The artist known as Defer has been an integral part of the early graffiti art movement in Los Angeles since the mid 1980s. He has been featured in numerous publications including Art in America, the Los Angeles TImes, and The History of American Graffiti. He is also featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Rods and Wheels,” as well as being included in the “Liber Amicorum” project which is archived in the Getty Research Institutes special collections.


• Mark Dean Veca  — Primarily working as a painter, LA-based artist Veca has earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative and uncharacteristic artists working today. Influenced by television, underground comics, MAD Magazine and psychedelic art, his fascination with oddball pop culture has forever shaped his creative output. Veca employs myriad of pop culture characters, mixed with miscellaneous signage and cultural symbols rendered in his own unique biomorphic style. 

Now, you can take one of these bad boys home for yourself. We can’t promise you’ll play it as well as Zac, but we have high hopes for you.