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6 Healthy Alternatives to Energy Drinks

Healthy Energy Drinks

Energy drinks tends to have high amounts of sugar and caffeine, which is why they give you all the energy they do. Although you may feel like running a marathon after drinking a can of one of these beverages, the energy doesn’t last long. Plus, the crashes that sugar and caffeine cause can make you feel lousy after the jolt of energy. However, there are healthy energy drinks that will provide you with a boost without the negative side effects.


1. Water

You wouldn’t think it, but water has the potential to energize you. Every metabolic reaction that occurs inside of your body requires water. When you become dehydrated, these reactions slow down. As a result, you’ll begin to feel sluggish. In fact, dehydration is a leading cause of experiencing a decrease in energy. Re-hydrating your body can reverse this tired feeling you have and give you more energy. Feel free to add fresh fruit to your water. These provide your body with natural sugar, vitamins and minerals, which have numerous health benefits and may even increase your energy levels.


2. Sleep

While sleep is not an energy drink, or even a drink at all, the amount of sleep you get in a given night will affect your energy levels. Although the amount of sleep you need depends on your body, you should try to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. For a better night’s sleep, get on a sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning, even on the days you’re not working, to stay healthy. Energy drinks should be avoided within at least four-hours of your bedtime.


3. Green Tea

Green tea has numerous health benefits on the heart and brain. It even has the ability to boost your metabolism, which can aid in weight loss. It doesn’t have a large quantity of caffeine, but it does have just the right amount to increase your body’s production of adrenocorticotropic, a hormone that triggers your body to release cortisol. A cortisol deficiency can lead to low energy levels.


Green Tea


4. Protein Shakes

Not getting enough protein can lead to fatigue. A protein shake is a healthy energy drink that has the ability to help your body reach the amount of protein it needs to function adequately. There is a catch to this, though, you need to add some type of carbohydrate to your shake. Your body needs carbs to convert the protein into energy. Try adding quinoa or wheat germ into your shake for the carbs your body needs to produce energy.


5. Juices

Buy a juicer and start making your own healthy energy drinks such as fresh orange juice. Juices from dark green vegetables will also give you energy since they contain vitamin B. Juices from parsley, kale and spinach have vitamin B, which your body needs for your metabolism to work optimally. Add honey for some energy since it’s a natural sweetener. Any fruit has glucose in it for a boost of energy, a great taste and vitamins and minerals.


6. Smoothies

Smoothies are loaded with vitamins and minerals as well, especially when you make them at home. If you make a smoothie, especially out of dark green veggies, try adding a bit of bee pollen, which can increase your energy levels. Ginger helps to increase your energy, too. It pairs well with lemon, apple and orange. Just like juices, add fruits or honey to create various combinations of healthy energy drinks.


Smoothie with Bee Pollen and Ginger

The best energy boosters aren’t the ones that contain a large amount of caffeine or are loaded with sugar. They are the ones that contain natural ingredients and help raise energy levels in a way that doesn’t cause you to crash a few hours later.

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