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Post Feast Detox Elixir

Post Feast Detox Elixir with Bai Ipanema Pomegranate

Nothing fixes that post feast feeling like this detox in a cup. Hit your body’s reset button with this warm mix featuring Bai Ipanema Pomegranate, which is sure to be the cure to any big meal.

1 cup warm Bai Ipanema Pomegranate
1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
2 tbsp Lemon juice
1 tbsp Honey
1 Cinnamon stick
Dash of Cayenne

1. Combine Bai Ipanema Pomegranate, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in a pot and heat up
2. Stir in honey and cayenne
3. Garnish with cinnamon stick

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