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Using Interior Design to Improve Your Mood

Cold weather puts a damper on your mood- the days get shorter, the temperature isn’t very forgiving, and there’s much less green on your drive to work. And the chillier it gets, the more time we spend inside. So here are some ways to transform your indoor space into a mood lifter.

Harness Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years, aiming to improve many areas of life, such as health, creativity, career, and more through your surroundings. There are tons of tweaks you can make that jive with its principles, but here are some simple adjustments to get you started.

• Make sure rooms are well lit, either with natural light or well-placed fixtures.
• Clear the clutter- remove any objects that do not bring you happiness or positive memories.
• Living things are a source of positive energy, so plants and pets get a thumbs up.
• Use water, a symbol of prosperity, as décor with things like fish tanks, small fountains or hydroponic plants.
• Hang mirrors to add space to any room. Bonus if you adjust their placement to reflect light and/or beautiful scenery from outdoors.

The Power of Colors

When decorating, consider the effect that colors have on mood. Here’s a rundown on how to create spaces like a lively living room, a refreshing bathroom or a soothing bedroom.
Red- The color most associated with high energy, intensity and passion. Touches of red can go a long way; An accent wall in a dining room can stimulate appetite, and throw pillows in a living room make for invigorating conversation.
Orange- Another energy-inducing color, orange is perfect for livening things up. Try orange chairs in the craft room or including marigolds in the centerpieces for dinner parties. Having orange décor nearby is also beneficial for your workout, as it’s believed to have a motivational effect.
Yellow- It’s no surprise that this sunny color is known to be a mood lifter. Soft yellows are great in areas like a nursery to bring about calmness, and more vibrant hues are perfect accents when you’re looking to get creative juices flowing.
Green-Being the color of the outdoors, green is naturally calming. It can be easily incorporated anywhere in the home, and is especially effective near the doorway to ease the transition from outside.
Blue- A universal color of serenity, blue is great in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Lighter shades help rooms feel spacious like the sky, and darker, richer hues are often associated with a nautical theme.
Purple- The color associated with royalty and wealth in medieval times, purple accents are great for adding a splash of luxury to a room. And the deeper the shade, the stronger it’s associated with passion.
White- Great as a base color for minimalists and eccentric decorators alike, white is a universal color. It’s associated with purity and cleanliness; but too much might come off as industrial. Break it up with other colors.
Gray- Being the color of stone helps gray give off a calming effect. Pair it with pale colors for a beautiful base begging for a pop of decorative brightness.
Brown- Another natural color, brown gives off a feeling of comfort and coziness. Use brown or wooden accents around the house to make it feel especially ‘homey.’
Black- An incredibly powerful color that should be used in small doses. Black is great at drawing in the eye, so use it for statement pieces or for framing.

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