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Top 5 Places to Escape the Cold

We smell snow. The crisp, cold air is wrapping around us with almost malicious intent and with each temperature drop, a layer of clothing is added. Your nose is probably red and your lips chapped. There are pounds of furry blankets wrapped around you while you sleep. And what do you dream of? Escaping the cold.

A Cozy Log Cabin

Before you decide that we are nuts, let us explain. Yes, log cabins generally are located deep within cold territory. Surrounded by snowy mountains and chilly winds. So, why would we include it in this list? Well, sometimes the best place to be is inside a cozy retreat. It might be snowy and cold on the outside, but on the inside, warmth fills the air. Light a log fire, make some warm cider, and cozy up under a blanket with a good book. We honestly can’t think of anything more relaxing. The stillness of the snowy landscape contrasts with the warmth inside the cabin. A perfect escape with a romantic partner or even with a group of friends.

A Warm Island

Nothing says “escaping winter” than a tropical island vaca, amirite? But, where to go? There are plenty of islands that will be warm no matter what the season. However, a favorite would have to be Bali. Bali is an Indonesian island with everything from coral reefs and beaches to forests and volcanos. Many resorts even feature huts located on the water for you to stay in, turning your vacation into a luxurious hideaway. There are also many islands surrounding this one, so if you get bored (doubtful) you can always island hop.

Go Down Under

To Australia. Where else would you spend the winter but in a place that is celebrating summer? Yes, there are many terrifying insects and animals but the beauty of this continent is worth exploring. Depending on what part of Australia you visit, you can go surfing and scuba diving or trek through the desert in Noosa National Park. The options are limitless and there is most definitely an activity to fill any want. Plus, they have koalas and who doesn’t love koalas?

Keep it Domestic

There are many sunny places in the U.S. that won’t get cold or snowy during the winter season. However, one place comes to mind when thinking of a domestic escape. San Luis Obispo, CA – One of the happiest places in the U.S. There is no one reason why this place claims to be the happiest place in the U.S., but take one step into this town and you will understand the appeal. Everyone is warm and inviting, colorful and kind. It’s a quiet town but they are not short on fun activities. In the mood for a wine tasting? Wine country is just around the corner. Want to lay on a beach all day or go hiking? They have that too. More than anything, it is the people that make this a happy place and definitely worth a visit in any season.

Make it Mediterranean

Did you really think we would leave out the Mediterranean escapes? Think again! If you are wanting to feel like a Greek goddess and drink wine on white boats under blue skies, then this is the escape for you. There are many places to visit around the Mediterranean from the unexpected, like Egypt, to the well-known, like the Greek isles. Wherever you decide to go, be sure to bring sunscreen and a passion for adventure.