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Buddy Up: Partner Workout

You’ve heard it before, some things are better together. Studies show that working out with a partner has more benefits than hitting the gym solo. These 5 creative exercises will have you bonding all the way through your workout. Or all the way to the emergency room. Either way you’ll have plenty of quality time together.

  1. Wheelbarrow Push-Up With Squat: Partner A begins in a high plank position, with arms straight, shoulders above wrists, and core tight. Partner B lifts ankles. A lowers into a tricep push-up, while B lowers into a squat. As A pushes up to return to start position, B stands. Repeat 10x then switch.
  1. Reach & Touch Plank: Consider this your go-to partner move. Both partners hold a high plank, facing each other. From high plank, both partners lift right hand and reach toward the opposite shoulder on their partner. Repeat left. Repeat as quickly as possible for 10 reps.
  1. Plank Hold & Jump: Partner A holds a forearm plank throughout this move. B will stand at A’s feet and, using both feet, jump laterally over A’s ankles (to the right). Land lightly on toes and immediately jump back (to the left) as quickly as possible. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch.
  1. Rotational Twist: Stand back to back with feet shoulder-width apart. Partner A holds medicine ball in both hands in front of abs. A turns to right and passes to B as B turns left; then B rotates right. Continue for 30 seconds, then switch directions and repeat.
  1. Step-Up & Jumping Lunges: Partner A does 10 step-ups on bench(alternating feet) while partner B does jumping lunges. Once A is done with step-ups, switch. Continue for 1 minute. Optional: Use weights when doing step-ups.

Repeat circuit 3x.

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