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Bai Bottles Workout

We used to think you needed to spend some serious cash, at a serious gym, to get a serious workout. Fitness guru Stacey Griffith set us straight. Unbelieve where and when you can burn calories with these quick Bai bottle workouts (Click on image to view workout).


Exercise 1: Serve the Platter
Lunge forward with your right leg. As you lunge, bicep curl a bottle of Antiwater with your right hand and raise a bowl of fruit with the left. Complete 10-15 reps and switch to left leg.


Exercise 2: Squat & Curl
Get into a squat position. Hold a bottle of Antiwater in both hands and bicep curl 30-40x.


Exercise 3: Bottle Punch
Hold a bottle of Bai in each hand and complete 100 jab + crosses with your hands at shoulder height. Try not to drop your arms during the series.


Exercise 4: Forward Lunge Punch
Hold a piece of fruit or a bottle of Bai with one hand. Lunge forward with one leg and punch the fruit or bottle with your opposite hand. Switch sides. Complete 20-30x.

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