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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

These aren’t your typical Mother’s Day gifts. You won’t see us running to the store last minute to get a cheesy card and some carnations. Jewelry is out as well – she has enough! How about making mom something more sentimental? A heartfelt gift that she will not only love but never forget. After all, she did give birth to you, so she deserves something special. Time to step up! Bai is here to give you some amazing ideas!

Gift Baskets

Every mom is different but a gift basket (that you created) is something she can really enjoy. Fill her basket with her favorite items: that bottle of wine she always buys, that book she’s been meaning to read, her favorite flavor of Bai. ;)

What you put into the basket is key. So be sure to confer with siblings and loved ones to find out all of her favorites. Artfully arrange them into a beautiful basket and tie a bow in her favorite color on top. She will be impressed that you know her so well and incredibly happy that you took the time to do this.

Paper Flowers

Flowers are always a great way to show mom you care, however, they don’t usually last very long. We thought it would be fun to make it more personal by creating long-lasting flowers out of paper. There are many ways to create these but we found 20 DIY paper flower ideas that will help inspire you and get that creativity flowing. With so many options to choose from, you could easily create an everlasting bouquet of your mother’s favorites.

At Home Spa Day

Sometimes, all your mother really needs is a day of complete and total relaxation. What better way to give that to her (and save some money) by creating an oasis at home? Here are a few ideas to create a luxury spa at home:

• Bath Bombs, beads and flower petals

_Add these to a warm bath, light some candles and give your mother a glass of wine to enjoy.

• Facial Mask

_There are plenty of one-time use masks that you can find at any drug store. They usually come in small packets; however, if you want to make your own then just puree cucumbers, honey and a bit of flour to make a hydrating mask.
_Place green or black tea bags (after soaking in warm water) on mama’s eyes to reduce puffiness.
_Coffee grinds also make for an AMAZING facial mask – it helps hydrate and tighten skin.

• Mani-Pedi

_Time to get out your nail care kit and mom’s favorite nail polish. Perfect to do while she has her facial mask on!

Tea Party Brunch

Is your mom more of a social butterfly? Does she love sweets, finger foods and tea? Then a fancy tea party brunch will be perfect for her! Invite her friends and their kids to have a mommy-daughter/son day. Brew tea, make mini cakes and finger sandwiches or pick up fresh fruit and veggie platters from the store. You can also use the paper flowers from earlier to decorate the table! Want to make it more of boozy brunch? Add some whiskey or bourbon to some of our Superteas or champagne and Gimbi Pink Grapefruit for a refreshing mimosa.

No matter how you decide to celebrate your mom this year, make sure to do something only she would love. Your mom is the one who is going to be there for you no matter what, so at the end of the day, shouldn’t she get something completely different and personal?

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