DIY: Room Decor

Looking to add some color and creativity to your walls? We’ve come up with a few fun ways to liven up your bedroom without having to dig deep into your wallet. These personalized touches are not only fun, but super easy to do. Happy decorating!

Washi Tape

If you’ve been to a craft store lately, you have probably seen rows upon rows of colorful, patterned tapes. Washi tape is a type of masking tape that is typically made from Japanese rice paper. There are SO many ways to use this tape – from decorating a vase to framing out pictures on your wall, this tape can literally do anything. Check out these 56 ways to decorate with washi tape. If you want to completely cover your walls in photos then you can download free printables to hang up. Many sites offer great collections of vintage photos, signs, paintings and even color swatches – all of which are free. Check out these sites to get you walls in shape:

Vintage Printable
Feed Your Soul
Little Gold Pixel

Clothespin Picture Holder

photo DIY
Do you have a million selfies that you wish you could display all over your walls? Same. There are plenty of fun ways to hang up your photos using clothespins but here is one super easy and quick way to put together a string of photos.

Yarn, String or Ribbon

What to do:
1. Paint the clothespins in your fav colors and set aside to dry.
2. Take 3 pieces of string (however long you’d like) and braid them together. Make as many of these braided ropes as you’d like!
3. Using (dry) clothespins, hang up your favorite photos on the braided string and tape the ends to the wall. Voila! To jazz them up a bit, add postcards or printed stock paper behind photos.

Repurpose Old Wine Bottles

Wine can be used in so many different ways, most obviously to drink it. But, what should you do with all of those empty bottles once you’re done? Decorate, obvi! If you really like the shape, color and label of a bottle then keep it simple and turn it into a flower vase. Just add some silk or plastic flowers. (Hint: Buy them in bulk so you can separate them and place them in many different bottles). Want to take it a step further? Strip the label off an empty wine bottle and clean so that the surface is smooth. Then, cover the bottle in chalkboard paint. You can get these in sample sizes if you only plan to paint one or two bottles. Add some twine around the neck of the bottle to keep a piece of chalk attached at all times. If you are feeling really ambitious, then check out this step by step guide on how to create a lamp out of your empty wine bottle.

You’re all set to become a DIY room décor expert!

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