40 Forgotten Things That Make You Happy

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According to the Secret Society of Happy People (sorry we blew your cover, guys), August 8th is Happiness Happens Day. Sure, we may not technically have a club membership, but that’s a celebration we can get behind. Happiness Happens Day is all about acknowledging the small, and maybe even obscure, details of life that bring you happiness. So here’s a start to a very, very long list of the things that make us happy. Happy Holidays (literally)! And be sure to add to our list by commenting below.

1. The perfect avocado
2. Knowing all the words to the song on the radio
3. When your phone battery lasts at 1% for an abnormally long time
4. Giving yourself hand massages (seriously, try it)
5. Funny birthday cards
6. When that package you’ve been waiting for finally arrives
7. Drinking water that’s the perfect temperature
8. Wiffle ball
9. Hearing stories from your parents about your childhood
10. Hearing stories from your parents about their childhood
11. Peeling an entire clementine in one piece
12. Making it to a gas station after spending a dangerous amount of time on Empty
13. When small children hold beverages with two hands
14. Finally breaking free from traffic
15. Free sample day at the grocery store
16. A good hair day
17. Fuzzy blankets
18.That video of those Talking Twin Babies
19. When puppies are so small that they’re shorter than the grass
20. Finding old pictures
21. Simultaneously quoting a movie with someone
22. Getting that stain out
23. Decorating your bedroom
24. Making a perfectly round snowball
25. Watching cute animals eat
26. Getting out of work early
27. When you figure out the name of that song stuck in your head
28. Finally untangling a necklace
29. Petting zoos
30. When a baby likes its food so much it kicks with both feet
31. Getting an answer right while watching Jeopardy
32. A good head scratch
33. Acoustic guitar
34. Getting complimented on that meal that took so much time and effort to make but playing it off like it was no big deal
35. Tiny little piping plover footprints in the sand
36. Lighting candles that smell like pine trees in the summer
37. Lighting candles that smell like the beach in the winter
38. Feeling that first sip of coffee warm you up from the inside out
39. The air in your lungs
40. The earth beneath your feet