Q&A with Java Jay

| Behind the Scenes, Drinkology

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It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with coffee. After all, Bai was founded on the use of coffeefruit, the juicy pulp that surrounds the coffee bean and contains free radical fighting antioxidants. So, it makes sense that we would place so much emphasis on the coffee beverages that we serve at Baiquarters. The Luwak, our very own coffee bar features all of the top equipment for coffee making, handled by our Bai Barista, Jay Miller. We sat down with Jay to learn a bit more about his brew methods and how he finds inspiration for his seasonal flavor creations.

Q: What drew you to Bai?
A: “I met Ben years ago when he was first starting out with Bai. I was the barista at one of the first stores where Bai was sold. Ben would always come get espresso from me and engage me in conversation. His passion and enthusiasm for his business was inspiring. I loved watching this local business bloom into such an amazing national company. The culture behind Bai also represents everything I stand for. I always thought to myself that one day I would love to come work for him. When I was approached about the barista position there was no question I would take it.”

Q: What’s your personal favorite coffee?
A: “My favorite coffee is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Coffee originated in Ethiopia so it’s hard to beat the original. Yirgacheffes in particular are very fruity citrusy coffees full of some many interesting flavors. It’s all about the flavor!”

Q: What is the most frequently ordered coffee at Bai?
A: “Other than just regular coffee, people at Bai love their lattes. They often request regular lattes or sometimes they choose mocha or one of my specialty flavors. For those who are not big coffee drinkers, we also have tea made with coffeefruit as well as chai and matcha beverages.”

Q: What’s the craziest request you ever received?
A: “In my life as a barista nothing surprises me and I’ve certainly heard it all! So far, during my time at Bai no one has gone too far off the deep end yet with requests. One crazy thing we do have on our menu here is the Kopi Luwak which is coffee made from beans that went through a civet’s digestive tract. It’s certainly a talking point.”

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your new flavor creations?
A: “I’m inspired by those around me. A huge part of my job and who I am as a person is to listen. People come to me with everything and I’m always there to lend an ear. I especially love hearing feedback and suggestions from the people I work with and serve coffee too. I’m lucky to be in a place with such an insane amount of really really talented and creative individuals in a company that revolves strongly around flavor. I couldn’t think of a better place to be inspired.”