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Back to School Tips for Adults

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It’s long been suggested by scientists and philosophers that adults have a lot to learn from the children in our lives. Their naiveté, creativeness, and energy levels are inspiring. But did you ever think that we could take a lesson straight out of their backpack? We’re schoolin’ you on how to rip back-to-school survival tips right out of a 2016-2017 agenda. For more info, visit your nearest tween.

Make the Grade

On day 1, the valedictorian, the slacker and the new kid all start on the same page. Nobody’s given a head start, and yet by the end of the year, some have clearly pulled in front of others. The difference between first and last place is rarely raw talent- it’s effort. Split the next year into ‘marking periods’ and hold yourself to them. At the end of each period, review the projects you’ve worked on, completed or not, and give your effort on each as objective of a grade as possible. If you worked with others, ask that they do the grading. You’ll be more likely to stay on top of assignments if you truly feel you’re being held to a quantitative standard. Feel free to put your report card on the fridge.

Learn Something New

At the start of each school year, it was pretty obvious that the sponge in your skull was about to be put to work. Begin September with that same state of mind- be on high alert for learning opportunities and take them whenever possible. Ask your boss if there’s a budget for you to take an online presentation-building workshop. Find work-related chat rooms or forums and see how people from all over are tackling projects similar to your own. Feel more than free to take this tactic to your 5-9 life, too. Spending your free time differently can cause a major shift in mentality during time that’s not-so-free. A break in routine can be exactly what you need to get a fresh perspective on old subjects. Plus, being the barer of new info and talents can give you that confidence boost we all need once in a while.

Start With a Clean Slate

Remember how cool you felt after summer vacation? Fresh tan, a new back-to-school wardrobe and (most importantly) one whole grade adulter. Despite the mere 3-month difference, September You left June You in the dust, and you were ready to re-create yourself over the course of the next 180 days. Focus on making beneficial changes over the course of your next ‘semester.’ Make a point to truly connect with the people you see (but might not know much about) on a daily basis. If you’ve been gunning for a new position, act like the universe has already put that plan into action. If you’ve been dying to come to work with a bold new lip color on but fear your coworkers aren’t fans of midnight blue, go for it already! On the other hand, if you’ve suffered a blunder recently that makes you cringe every time you think about it, Let. It. Go. Rest assured, you’re the only one still dwelling on it so intently. In all cases, ditch the old you to make room for a new and improved version. Allow yourself to look forward and get excited about what’s to come.