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Our Culture

Learn about our Culture and Careers at Bai
Raise Your Bai

We look for what can’t be done. And do it.

Remember what your Mom and Dad always said? “Don’t be so disruptive! Wait your turn! Be sensible!” Well, sorry, it turns out we weren’t listening.

You can’t combine amazing flavor and nature’s goodness. Bai does. You can’t make real connections with consumers if you’re not part of the machine? We have. You can’t change the rules of the game? That’s what we’re doing every day. Our goal is to inspire people to rethink what they drink. And we’re drawing our own map to get there.

We report directly to your taste buds.

Every thought we have, every idea we develop and every action we take are all about making the beverage in your hand better. We are driven to make sure that every sip of Bai is a perfect blend of great taste and good for you.

Our goal isn’t just to fill our bottles with delicious drinks, but to fill you with wonderment when you drink them. That’s why in addition to the exotic real-fruit flavor we also fill our bottles with vitamins, antioxidants, and 1g of sugar. Giving you an experience that truly wows.

Better in your hands
Smile And Drink Bai

We fight for the love of flavor.

Flavor is the mark we leave on the world. That’s not just about the distinctive deliciousness you find in every sip of our beverages — that’s the mark of everyone who worked to bring it to you.

Flavor is about more than just great taste. It’s the outward impression that speaks for everything on the inside. Refusing to be dull, challenging convention, setting trends, carrying passion into every moment of our work — those are the flavors that flow into every beverage. Our flavors, and the people who are here to create them, are our foundation.

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