It’s WonderWater™.     It’s Flavorful Hydration.     It’s WonderWater™.     It’s Antioxidation.     It’s WonderWater™.     It’s Low-Sugar Innovation.     It’s WonderWater™.     It’s a 10-Calorie Revelation.     
Bai Boost Bottles
  • Antioxidant
  • Good Source
    Vitamin C

Get 110mg of caffeine.
For when you need to give 110%.

It’s WonderWater

Try Bai

Real. Refreshing. Flavors.

Bai Bottle


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Bai Boost Bottle

Bai Boost

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Antioxidant Water Bottle

Antioxidant Water

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The Flavor Feed


Bai drinks and recipes make the perfect companion for any mood,
celebration or occasion (like, say, 5 o’clock).

A refreshing drink infused with
antioxidants and natural flavors.

It’s WonderWater.

A wise person once said, "Don’t chase waterfalls." But they never said anything about staring at them from a distance. #BaiBoost #ItsWonderWater 📷: @cherrielynn
Must…start…road trip…but…can’t…look away from Bai Boost Watamu Strawberry Watermelon. It’s too delicious! #ItsWonderWater 📷: @bluecollarprep
We're back at it again spreading good energy and raising money for @takethisorg. Geny, our adorable chatbot, will be zapping any negative energy and turning it into a positive boost during @KittyPlays and @KrystalogyTV Twitch streams today! Check out @KittyPlays Twitch Stream at 1pm CST and @KrystalogyTV at 5pm CST.
KittyPlays x Krystalogy x Bai Boost. Partnering together to bring some Good Energy Twitch streams to the gaming universe. All benefiting @takethisorg. Save the dates for @kittyplays on 8/5 & 8/12 at 1PM CST and @krystalogytv on 8/5 & 8/12 at 5PM CST. #ItsWonderWater
Are plant based energy drink picnics a thing? Because if not, we’re making them a thing. #ItsWonderWater 📷:
Houseplant POV: My human caretaker has acquired the new Bai antioxidant infusion flavor, Kupang Strawberry Kiwi 🍓🥝. It smells delicious. I attack at midnight. #ItsWonderWater 
📷: @thegracemattei
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