• Antioxidant Infused
  • Super Purified


The Future is Clear.

Anti is for Antioxidants. That second part is for good ol’ H20. Classic water is now obsolete. This is the next generation of hydration — we like to call it H2.0. This re-release of water is Mother Nature’s latest upgrade.

She preserved its pure taste with electrolytes, and infused it with free radical-fighting antioxidants, which help maintain the body’s natural protections against potentially damaging processes, like oxidation. Bai Antiwater was designed for your taste buds and developed for nature’s most powerful operating system — the human body.

12 Pack 840 mL / 28.4 fl oz Bottles
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Nano-filtered water, coffeefruit extract, potassium citrate (electrolytes), sodium selenite (selenium source).


25 mcg selenium.

Caffeine Free:

Also contains 50mg of coffeefruit extract.

Burn Calories,
Not Healthy Cells.

Intense exercise, which benefits the body in so many ways, is also believed to speed up the production of free radicals, putting the body into a state of oxidative stress.

A diet rich in antioxidants can help counter the impact of oxidative stress, as antioxidants are known to break down free radical molecules and inhibit their ability to harm healthy cells.

Your Body's Bodyguard.

Everyone knows that people can be peculiar and contradictory creatures — not just in our behavior, but also in our bodies’ makeup. Beverages and foods rich in antioxidants can aid the body, in some ways, in defending against itself.

Oxidation is a normal biological process that produces molecular fragments called free radicals. While their name might sound positive, free radicals are stealthy marauders that, in large numbers, can attack the body’s cells, weaken the immune system and possibly play a role in the development of numerous diseases.

Eradicate Free Radicals

Purified Product

Nanofiltration removes natural organic matter from water – yicky things like tang, odours and colours. Our process sifts out the bad stuff to create a soft, sensual water with a crisp, refreshing finish.

Purified Process

Aseptic bottling technology is the other half of our super story. We designed a sterile environment for filling and sealing, which creates a sterile product as well as sterile bottles. Super cool, right?

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