Molokai Coconut
Molokai Coconut

Behold a tropical flavorstorm.


The flavor in this bottle is so big and authentic, it almost tastes as perfect as what an empty hammock between two palms looks like. It’s as if the one gram of sugar is as sweet as a hidden Hawaiian white sand beach. It’s nearly like the five calories carry the same beauty as a waterfall in the rainforest. In short, this bottle is paradise itself. Without getting leid.


Shower off after a day of sun, salt, and surf, and lounge with an ice cold Molokai Cooler. The antioxidants and electrolytes in Bai5 Molokai Coconut will help your body recover from sun and exercise. A refreshing blend of coconut, cucumber, and mint will douse your tastebuds in a flavor so calm and freeing, they just might convince you to wander back to the beach for a twilight skinnydip.


  • Ingredients:
  • 2 bottles Bai5 Molokai Coconut
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • A handful of mint
  • 1 lime


Squeeze lime over mint sprigs and muddle in pitcher with a long wooden spoon. Slice cucumber and add to pitcher. Fill with Molokai Coconut and stir.

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