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20 Snack Ideas for Your Bento Box Lunch

You don’t hear too many people saying that lunch is their favorite meal of the day. Maybe that’s because we associate it with work, school or eating the same foods day in and day out, but there’s no reason not to make your lunch time fun, healthy & delicious.

One way to make lunchtime more playful and fun is packing a variety of healthy snacks in Bento boxes. Bento Boxes are square compartmentalized lunch boxes traditionally found in Japan. They’re a fun way to help you think about lunch outside of the box, well more like inside of a lot of little boxes inside of a bigger box, ok there’s a lot of boxes. One of the great features of Bento Box lunches is that they help you visualize portions, not to mention they can be the perfect way to make your lunch foods visually appealing.

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We also found this super fun monster lunchbox, we couldn’t leave behind from Wegman’s. We’re also obsessed with these adorable animal lunch boxes from Skip Hop. How many lunch boxes is too many? (#thelimitdoesnotexist)

We’ve created a list of 20 different Bento Box lunch ideas that are both kid and adult friendly to keep you happy, healthy and satisfied. Mix and match these snacks to build healthy wholesome meals that are fun to eat and they might just make you a lunch lover.


  • Carrots, Celery & Hummus

  • Cucumbers & Bell peppers with Cheese

  • Apples & Almond butter

  • Siggi’s Yogurt

  • Berries, Yogurt & Granola




  • Laughing cow cheese and crackers

  • That’s It Fruit Bars

  • Watermelon cubes

  • Tortilla chips with cheese or salsa

  • Honey wheat pretzel sticks with peanut butter or hummus


Happy lunch box packing! (and eating)


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