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How to Host a Baller VMA Party

Over the years many iconic moments in pop culture have happened at the MTV Video Music Awards. Who can forget the passionate smooch shared by Madonna and Britney or last year’s foam finger debacle. To make sure you don’t miss out on the fresh scuttlebut that’s sure to come out of this year’s awards why not throw a little bash for you and your pals?


We’ve concocted a custom cocktail & mocktail based off the infamous “Moonman” for your VMA viewing enjoyment. First up, for a stellar party, forget the classic punch bowl and instead drink your libations out of something that looks like an astronaut’s helmet. Behold, Molokai Moonjuice. A punch that packs a punch.

Molokai Moonjuice

Serves 8-10 Ingredients

  • 24 oz of coconut rum
  • 2 bottles of Bai (18 oz)
  • 2 cups of seltzer (16 oz)
  • Ice
  • 1 punch bowl
  • Clear plastic cups
  • 8-10 rock candy sticks
  • ladle
  1. Pour all liquid into a punch bowl (ideally shaped like an astronaut’s helmet)
  2. Add ice and stir to mix evenly.
  3. Ladle moon juice into clear cups and stir with rock candy.

MMJ8MMJ6MMJ9 For the folks who prefer a lighter caffeinated buzz, we created the perfect Mocktail: the Buzz. Named after legendary astronaut, Buzz Aldren (who incidentally is a Bai fan himself) this light libation is one small sip for man one giant leap for flavor.

The Buzz

Serves 1
  • 3 oz of Costa Rica Clementine Bai
  • 3 oz of seltzer
  • 1 packs of poprocks
  1. Rim martini glass with poprocks.
  2. Pour 3 oz of ice cold Costa Rica Clementine Bai into glass.
  3. Top with 3 oz of seltzer and stir lightly.

Buzz Buzz

the 2014 VMA Drinking Game

Take a sip of your drink any time:

  • Someone “twerks” or mentions the act of “twerking.”
  • You hear the song “Fancy” by Iggy Azelea
  • Someone is caught lip syncing
  • You make a wrong winner prediction
  • Taylor Swift dances awkwardly
  • An artist you’ve never heard of is nominated
  • You can’t understand the words Ariana Grande is singing
  • Any time someone comments about Miley
  • An award speech goes over
  • Bey wins video of the year


To keep in theme with your stellar drinks whip up a batch of these dope constellation cupcakes from Pieces by Polly. 1048-Constellation-Cupcakes   Sit back, relax and watch the craziness unfold!


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