DJ Brendan Fallis’ Panorama Playlist

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If you’ve had your head buried in a pile of LPs, you may have missed the big news: Bai is the Official Flavored Water of this weekend’s Panorama Music Festival in NYC. We’re so excited we could burst. So we got renowned DJ Brendan Fallis to create the ultimate Panorama playlist— we take our pump up jams very seriously. Check out the playlist below, and find out more about Panorama here.

Anderson Paak – Come Down

Anderson’s new album is incredible. He’s blending the upbeat soul sounds we all know and love and making it relevant in today’s society. The energy and swag he brings to this track are incredible.

Kaytranada – You’re The One

With warm deep rolling baselines, Kaytranada might be my most listened to artist of the year so far. It’s refreshing to see someone have a brand new take on music blending hip hop, electro, breaks, soul and disco all into one seamless vibe. ‘You’re The One’ can be your soundtrack for a chill Thursday night or a mellow Monday workday, but it will have you feeling great either way.

Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

I’m loving Kendrick and how’s he’s keeping the waistcoats vibe alive and vibrant. Nothing better than someone sticking to their roots/heritage and getting his point across through his art. King Kunta might be the most pop-friendly track he has, but it’s a perfect gateway to understanding his music.

Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)

My canadian counterparts continually kill it. Re-inventing themselves constantly and proving that music doesn’t always need to be sampled if you’re a true creator. They churn out songs that stick in your head with never before heard melodies. ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ is the low key soundtrack to my life. Makes me get out of bed in the morning and look at the world with open arms.

Blood Orange – Augustine

Not only one of the more creative people you’ll ever meet, but also an insanely talented music artist. Dev’s lens on life is one some may only dream of having. He’s able to see trends years ahead and relay that through his music. ‘Augustine’ is a perfect example of that. The song carries a clean backbeat while taking you on an almost spiritual journey.

AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

Harnessing the production power of some of the best in the industry, Aluna pairs herself accordingly to put the vocals on beautifully crafted pop tracks that will be stuck in your head for hours/weeks/days to come. ‘You Know You Like It’ has the catchy sounds that 2016 is using on repeat, but her sultry voice makes it so completely different and lovable.

Rufus Du Sol – You Were Right

Assembling deep-tropical house sounds better than most others in their field, Rufus Du Sol is wildly addictive. I’ve been obsessed with ‘You Were Right’ and it’s deep synth bass for over a year now. It’s not going anywhere but higher on my most played songs list. Smooth, synth’y (does that word exist?!, it should) and amazing all in one perfect track.

Major Lazer – Light Up (Remix)

It’s no doubt that Major Lazer is the hottest thing in music right now. Finding their own lane to blend dancehall, reggae and electro, they’ve influenced all the songs on in the top 10 from Bieber to Drake. ‘Light Up’ has some sort of muted electro trumpet that’s so catchy it makes you want to get out of whatever chair you’re sitting in.

Oh Wonder – Drive

You know when you’re on a road trip and 3 hours in, you’re looking for something to get lost to because you’ve all said as much as you could’ve so far and your friend in the passenger seat just wants to pass out while you keep crushing miles…..?! Well ‘Oh Wonder’ is the perfect solution, and this song will explain why.