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Inspiration in life often comes from unexpected places. Bai is a perfect example — the essence of our beverages, after all, is a gem sourced from nature (the coffeefruit) that was largely unknown until recently. Well, a month ago a bit of unexpected inspiration came our way — in the form of Haiku.

Bai founder, Ben Weiss met Scott Mulhern, who owns a custom paper-hanging business in the Princeton, N.J., area. As they talked, Ben learned that Scott is not just an expert paper-hanger, he’s also a writer who published a book of haiku, the traditional Japanese form of poetry. With its distinctive form — 17 syllables, in lines of 5, 7 and 5 — Scott views the haiku as the poetic equivalent of a digital camera, a tool to capture everything you see and feel.

We like to think of every sip of Bai as a bit of poetry in its own right. And as any #Bailiever who has enjoyed a #Baitini or taken a ride on a #BaiCycle knows, we love a good pun.

That’s where you came in. We asked our creative and loyal Twitter followers to transform their favorite flavor of Bai into a haiku, a Baiku. We were blown away with the response and loved the creativity and passion, something Bai fans are legendary for.

Finally, after a month of epic 17 syllable flavor poetry, our Bai Poetry Council has finally declared the winning #Baiku, which will be featured on our next label run in October and two honorable mentions, who will both receive a case of their Baiku flavor.

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Huge round of poetry snaps for @frantoscano‘s tropical poem about her beloved Malawi Mango.

Her words will be read by Mango fans around the country once we print our next round of labels in October.




Our two honorable mentions go to

@spartacusKat and @apieceofquiche for their humorous and imaginative flavor #Baikus