Panama Peach
Panama Peach

Peach me, I must be dreaming.

Given the fact that this is a naturally-sweetened, five-calorie, antioxidant-packing beverage, we’re tempted to call it a wet dream, but that seems awfully crass. So let’s just all agree to call it a plain old dream. Maybe a fantasy. But a fantasy that’s come true. So really it’s a reality. But a hard-to-believe reality because it’s so unspeakably flavorful. Which brings us back to where we started: Peach me, I must be dreaming.
Panama Peach

This simple spin on a flavorful Spanish cocktail adds pizzazz to any gathering. When the fizzy bubbles of sparkling wine meet your tongue with the subtly sweet flavor of Panama Peach and the fuzzy, juicy texture of peaches and raspberries, you'll swear your tastebuds are in a tickle fight.


  • Ingredients:
  • 1 bottle champagne (we used Trader Joe’s, ‘cuz we’re ballers on a budget #balleronabudget)
  • 2 bottles Bai5 Panama Peach
  • 3 Peaches, each cut into 8 wedges
  • Pint of fresh raspberries

  • Tools:
  • Sangria pitcher
  • Wooden spoon
  • Fun sangria glasses (points for creativity!)


Slice peaches. Place slices from 2 ½ peaches into pitcher, and add 6 oz raspberries. Fill pitcher with both bottles of Bai5 Panama Peach and ½ bottle of champagne. Gently mix with wooden spoon, being careful to respect the bubbles! Place pitcher in refrigerator for 30-60 minutes, while the fruits infuse their flavor.

Pour the remaining 2 glasses of champagne into flutes, arrange remaining 4 peach slices and handful of raspberries on a platter with baked brie and gluten free crackers (Costco sells these now!), and spend some QT with your sous chef.

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